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taking a large drink of liquid in one swallow
Eric took a glug of water and nearly choked when Rachel said "I'm a dainty girl, I don't take glugs"
by Eric Anderson April 19, 2005
A failed douching attempt.
Bob set up on the second floor balcony with his keg bucket waiting for Eric to come back from class, but he accidentally mistook a dog for Eric and dumped his load too early. Meanwhile Eric snuck up to the third floor and douched Bob from above. What a glug.
by Nick D March 10, 2005
The act of shitting in a vagina then eating it out.
They were into scat, they liked to Glug on a Friday night with plastic over the bed.
by Sloppy One January 28, 2015
A sound that fish make meaning help. Fish usually make this sound when their tanks have not been cleaned for some time and the fish are tired of swimming in poo.
Meg: Look into its poor fish eyes begging you to clean the tank!
Jon:It just says glug
Meg:Thats fish talk for help.
Jon: Is not
Meg: Is too. Look on
by misschunky August 15, 2011
Glug an abrieviation of lager of any other alcoholic drink u cant help but swallow.
We will go to the shop and buy a crate of glugsberg or maybe some glugweiser.
by twattybollocks March 23, 2010
a unit of measure for those cooks and bartenders who eschew graduated cylinders, analytical balances, etc. Rosetta: 1 glug of olive oil = ~2 tablespoons.
Hot wok / cold oil is an ideal best realized by adding the vegetables to a roaring hot wok first and immediately following with a couple glugs of oil.
by slickwilly November 29, 2007
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