someone who is so fucking irritating that they manage to get under your skin and make your blood boil with their painful slowness and stupity
that guy was a total fucking numpty
by rebel girl October 06, 2003
Someone who is such a dumbass, he keep safeties under his enemy's turf.

A bloke that cries like a baby when he loses.
"Awww Shaggly you f************ing numpty!! You couldn't hide a pin the freakin NYC.
by mimosabaicfriend December 31, 2011
A complete Tard, Someone that doesn't know their arse hole from their Ear hole! Someone that has to have every little thing repeated to them at least twice..... repeated to them at least twice!
That bloke is such a numpty, I made his password his first name and I still had to spell it for him !
by Stealth July 16, 2003
Someone who confidently asserts themselves towards a false truth in the presence of others. Even when the rest of the people there know that they are completely wrong.
Given the choice of a shovel or a ladder to get out of a hole, they have dug themselves, a numpty would confidently choose the shovel!
by Marc Hone February 07, 2006
A person who is incapable of performing the simplest of task correctly. Usual symptoms include poor hand-eye coordination, zero common sense and the general illusion that they are special (caused by parents referring to them as such and the numpty not fully grasping the meaning implied).

Common causes are being dropped as a baby or repeated heavy blows to head in later life.
person1: Jeff could you pass me the pen?
Jeff: ooops! (while dropping the pen)
Person1: Jeff you're such a numpty!
by punchlinestapler September 21, 2010
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