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noun, substantive; person who is a complete ass in every way
Joseph Sarandos, the moderator, user and subject of discussion at forum.searchingjenin.com, is the chief of all numpties
by Larry Hagman October 08, 2003
Canadian Forces term for someone who is a complete idiot ( and we are not allowed to swear at them any longer)
Example == Infantry

Usage == Look out it's the numpty boys
by Ron September 12, 2003
A complete blooming idiot, one who needs to have one's eyes slapped out. A candidate for the Darwin Awards.
That Hammock is a f**king numpty!
by beffkin March 19, 2003
A bit of a tit
Beat it ya numpty, before I chin ye
by Dugswab January 10, 2003
Usually associated with members of the Engineering fraternity in their first year of employment.They originate from Louth and can be found driving clapped out BMWs.
People with high opinions of themselves
by Gerry January 28, 2005
A person who just doesn't really fit into the conversation, some bizzare comment is made totally irrelevant to the subject
"You cheesy numpty"
by Tango January 22, 2004
A term of endearment by Rab C Nesbitt before he nuts you!
Cum 'ere ya numpty before I put the heid on ye
by Frank Hughes December 12, 2003