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A person who continues to be immature and stupid. someone who is offensive and annoying.
the people who write things on here being incredibly offensive to homosexuals and 'Emo kids'. just for the record i am not either of these, yet i can see that what people are writing is out of order by a long shot! i think y'all should grow up and get a life...are you not human? do you not see that other people have feelings? shit you are all so prejudice and cruel!
by Melanne November 18, 2004
6 14
Scottish usage:
a) Someone who (sometimes unwittingly) by speech or action demonstrates a lack of knowledge or misconception of a particular subject or situation to the amusement of others.

b) A good humoured admonition, a term of endearment

c) A reckless, absent minded or unwise person
a) "No. That wisnae wit she meant, ya big numpty!"

b) i.e. "Silly billy", "You big dafty"

c) "That numpty's driving with no lights on!"
by cargo_4 May 20, 2004
1750 397
A person who never has or never will have a f*ing clue what he is doing
Bobby Gould
by Nested One October 14, 2003
1116 458
An idiot, a silly person
"You're going to look like a right numpty."
by Mad Walrus August 04, 2002
645 276
a scottish term, short for numb-skull.
" away n'shite, ya fuckin' Numpty "
by Lord Howard Hurtz March 23, 2004
388 223
Numpty first surfaced on the terraces of west of Scotland football grounds, many many years ago. A player who couldn't hit a cow's arse with a shovel would be a f***ing numpty.
"Awww Jimmy you f************ing numpty!! You couldnae score wi' ma' sister!"
by Owen January 02, 2004
375 257
Dialect, chiefly scots. A bumbling fool or one who is intellectually challanged.
(plural : numpties)
"they numpties couldnae organise a pissup in a brewery."
In reference to MSPs( members of scottish parliment)
by Gerry K. April 26, 2005
222 116
a person so stupid they are incapable of understanding the simpliest of things
John Hall is a Numpty for his festive headwear
by Ted McDanger January 20, 2005
190 113