Term used to describe cold weather
Man it's nugs outside
by Fadgebadger February 03, 2010
Another word for a tramp, ho, skank, or slut.
something my uncle used to say.
"That megan chick is one ugly nug!"
phundy heady rightsaid freddie
huh?????????i dont know whats goin on!!!!!
by phatticus March 04, 2004
probably short for snuggle, variant of cuddle, used primarly in lesbian circles.
A: wanna nug?
B: uh-huh...
by oui persevere August 17, 2006
These nugs are fuckin bomb, yo.
by BombNugz October 26, 2003
indoor pot grown with care
Did you see those nugs in the centerfold of that High Times magazine
by nuggalicious May 09, 2003
A term used to refer to McDonalds McNuggets in a loving way
Claire: Mmmm I love me some nug nuggety nug nugs!
Alex: Nuggetttyyyyyy
by Nugsinabox November 07, 2009

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