the smokable leaves of the marijuana plant

a dried and rolled bud

Dude, pack another nug in the bowl.

I bought some mad nugs, yo.

by Guitar Dude March 29, 2007
white term for nigger... they are to goddamned dumb to figure it out
J.C.- Did you see that nug that i fucked last night

David jeffries- That nug and her nug boyfriend are gonna kill you
by whitey mcwhitenstein July 24, 2008
verb for when your girlfriend feeds you chicken nuggets while you're driving in the car
"nug please"..*diane feeds a chicken nugget to Harrison*.."thanks diane, you're the best"
by Harrison J S May 06, 2006
a taint.
it taint your asshole and it taint your balls it is in between them.
by bigganja June 15, 2004
Fist bump. Sentiment announced to prompt a fist bump from another individual.
Shannon: "Dude that croquet shot was awesome."
Greg: "Effin A right it was!"
Shannon: "Nugs, yo."
(Fist bump engages.)
by mymojo October 25, 2010
a one pound coin, sterling (UK, £1)
alluding to its gold colouring (nugget of gold)
you got a spare nug you can lend me blood, wicked yah
by brittonio December 19, 2006
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