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The act of emptying someones backpack, then turning it inside out, putting everything back in and zipping it up from the inside. Some even go as far as zip-tying the zippers together to make it extra aggravating. Also possible on some backpacks is a supernug, when you flip a backpack inside out and stuff it all into the small front compartment. This is really a dick move.
"What the hell is he doing? Oh, he's just nugging that poor kid.
by Zach428 August 02, 2007
75 22
The act of intensely rubbing and/or hugging another person's leg.
I found her nugging his leg this morning.
by Archaic King November 18, 2013
2 0
The act of being extremely lazy, not wanting to do anything, or boring.
Friend 1: Dude you wanna go out to the bars?
Friend 2: Nah dude I'm just gonna sit at home and play FIFA
Friend 1: Dude your totally nugging
by Skempus February 11, 2013
1 2
being very attractive, derived from weed culture from the word "Nug."
that girl is NUGGING!!!
by pibbxtra December 27, 2011
1 7
Nugging is the act of cooking an already baked potato.
It got cold, so I nugged that sucker before I ate it.
13 47