decent nug you smoke, better than middies n schwagg.
-yo pass me some nug
--yea, this shit better not be no schwaggy mexican dirt
-dont worry dude its decent nug
by somedude12345 August 13, 2006
synonym for nigger used predominantly by whtie people when they don't want to be innappropriate
Tyrone is such a nug
by Alex April 20, 2005
A commonly used synonym for the slang term "nigger". Often times, nug is used by caucasians as a negative connotation towards african-americans.
Holy shit! Look at that fucking nug! I wonder if he's related to Flava Flav??
by Glenn Dover January 20, 2005
A common acronym for the Message Board's New User's Guide
You crazy noob. That question is answered in the NUG
by TheLostChild August 05, 2006
dank pot grown indoors with care and has a high concentration of T.H.C.
them nugs are the bomb-diggity
by dAmE January 22, 2004
Hippie word for pot
I just got some dank nugs, you want to use the RooR on this shit?
by Kum and Go February 25, 2003
Another word for a tramp, ho, skank, or slut.
something my uncle used to say.
"That megan chick is one ugly nug!"

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