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A small collection of round, hard turds. Nug-(Singular) One small,round, hard turd.
My new puppy left a pile of nugs behind the couch.
by Alwysonit September 07, 2006
Short for nuggets. Doesn't have to be only about weed. If it is weed it,s Tight,stanky,buds usually rounder in shape like nuggets of gold.,but you can also have chicks that are nugs or waves that are nugs.
that last pipe wave was a nug!
see that chick in the thong, what a nug!
by lost coast charger August 02, 2005
a clump of bud of marijuana packed together 2 alot of weed that hasent been broken apart on one stem
rob-dude gar wheres the nugs bro
gar-there here man lets smoke em
by yotoddal January 22, 2006
bits of pot
awwwww shit nigga, i spilled all my nugs
by nasty August 26, 2003
Niggas, homies, boys
Me and my nugs are gonna kick it. (This is a word invented by Twista. He also invented the phrase bendin and dippin.)
by Playa 4 Life September 24, 2003
marijuana. an illegal mind control substence
Man those nugs are smooth.
by B Hertzler June 28, 2005
In some cases, nug means respect.
When some rudes float their clenched fist in front of you, and ask for some nug, dont throw over your possesions and run away screaming like the little indie kid you are.
Just try and look cool. Go with the flow.
Give them the nug, and walk away safeley.
"Gimme' sum nug, bruv."
by Cookmeister September 06, 2005