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a) a cat's nose. All feline animals have nugs, including lions and tigers.
b) a catlike personality or spirit.
c) a cat.
d) a catlike person.

See bose.
She's such a nug, she makes Legolas look like a bose.
by Prince Yves October 31, 2004
The only type of Marijuanna any person should smoke!
What kinda bud is that man?....Its some dank ass nug!
by Josh September 07, 2003
n. handheld firearm said in a way so curious young ones would not be aware their mothers travelled well-armed.
Sheena, did you get the nug off the shelf if the motel room? Tennis, Cheryl! Why didn't remind me before we were 10 miles down the road?
by CherylK December 18, 2005
short for nugget; meaning head, dome, skull, noggin, etc.
damn, he shot him in the nug!
by CC37 November 15, 2004
Short for "nugget": An attractive female (similar to a nug of weed or nugget of gold). There are varying types and degrees of bein a nug:
Types: surfer, skater, ethnic, older (sometimes referred to as futuristic), younger, amazon, micro, blonde, brunette, bitter, and many more
Degrees: supernug, nug, kindanug, seminug, quasinug, semi-quasinug, not-nug, and antinug.
Your Asian next-door neighbor is quite a hot little micronug!

"Was she hot?"
"She was a seminug."
"Did you bone her?"
by Nyroh April 09, 2005