Usually a young girl of about 13-19 on MySpace, although males are known to be myspace whores too, ranging in the area of about 14-18, ex. Daniel Hilton. Usually has over 1K friends, and lets you know it often, even though is always complaining about being lonely and posting bulletins to the affect of "talk to me or i'll delete my profile" (does this often, too.) Takes many photos of themselves scarcely clad or in some odd gangster pose though, usually, would get shot if they did that out side of myspace. Ususally "scene", "emo", "hXc" or "sXe". Posts picture captions to the affect of "Ewwww, im so ugly" or "OMFG, arent i so fucking hot??!!!". Wears lots of eyeliner. Generic bands, likes, dislikes, has no real personality. IS GROSS.

WARNING: maybe a paid member, or whores for advertising.
Contest sites (usually run by teenaged girls)
Daniel Hilton

"Goddammit. She's naked in the picture. She is such a myspace whore."

"He has W4Wed (whore for whore) them 5 times. He's a myspace whore."

"Those pictures all look the same. And they've been spammed for 7 pages! WHAT A MYSPAE WHORE!"

"She has over 3000 friends, and doesnt know any of them personally. She's just a fucking mypace whore."
by catedawg March 31, 2007
a person (usually emo) who spends most of their day on myspace, constantly checking for picture comments on their 50 new pictures they took the same day. usually has 4390480 friends on their list and only personally know a handfull of them, this is usually from joining "whore trains" to get more friend requests to feel better about themselves.
when going to a friends house they immediately get on myspace, and then persuade their friend to take pictures with them to post on myspace.
kim you have been on myspace for 8 hours what the hell is wrong with you? *cough* myspace whore *cough*
by dalin December 14, 2006
A person is a myspace whore when they post many pictures at angles with terrible lighting that makes your eyes bleed, constantly post bulletins asking to add this person or that group, having more "friends" than they could ever have or remember if myspace never existed, and has thier page so fubar'ed with contrasting colors and crappy fonts that cause eye strain and enough blinking objects to, again, make your eyes bleed and possibly even cause an epileptic siezure. Also like to screw up the formatting so the page is wider than your screen even with the rez set to maximum along with a music player that plays loud, annoying music when you load the page.

Caution should be taken if you call them out on being said myspace whores. They have a hard time letting go of the past and will turn people against you, even if they never met you, which makes them no better than the myspace whore(s). Usually this only happens if the people live in a small town because they are out of touch with reality and sometimes, like in my case, have a broken sense of whats right and wrong which I think was caused by religion.
Myspace Whore: Awsome, I finally got my site all prettied up with black background, loud annoying music player, 800+ friends,most of whom I don't know, glittery words, hard to read font and contrasting colors that make you strain your eyes, pictures of random things that blink and could be a health hazard to someone, and my pictures of me at angles AND in the mirror!
by someonewhoknowsrightfromwrong November 13, 2010
Girls who spend 24-7 on Myspace and steal hot girls pictures pretending to be them..Mostly they steal pictures of porn chicks or MiniTruckin models...They also love to misspell easy words and they are fat, ulgy bitches that have no game...Also known as Myspace stalkers too!! So beware cause they are out there
Like this Niki chick is a myspace whore who loves to steal porn chicks pictures...
by LLV chik October 01, 2006
A myspacian who 'whores' to get a higher friend count on his or her myspace account.

Making whore codes, buttons, using scams, spamming, ect. just to get more myspace friends; sometimes addicting.

A successful myspacer, who stays on the computer, reading comments and comments from strangers.

Myspace whores, do gain popularity, their account is like their baby.
Most of them, hated due to all the bulliten posting.
Usually after a myspace whore gets deleted a number of times, they try to gain back popularity..if failed. they try mycrib.net..not like that site is as popular as myspace.
Wtf mario just hit 100k on myspace
eww what a myspace whore..
he doesnt know 76% of that people..
what would happen if he never whored..?
by rhizax August 23, 2006
Someone who is obsessed with myspace friends.
who is always adding themselves to worthless trains. asking you to their page and enter 9 random numbers.
excessively refreshes their myspace home page to check for new comments,because they wont reply to messages. they want tons of comments to display to the whole myspace world. so people know just how "Famouzz" they are.
tonsss of myspace whores have really crappy profiles.
their pictures have their friend id #'s on them somewhere..because they think they are so cool that people will make fakes of them.

also myspace whore can mean a chick who takes photos at a provocative stance or position, makes sexy body signs for people do they will "whore" her to their
43k friends.or whatever.
in real life myspace whores are just normal losers like everyone else with only 357 friends.

*Omfg. those stupid myspace whores keep making body signs for my boyfriend!*


NO! i dont wanna effin enter 9 random numbers into your maxadds link on your page you myspace whore!
by ashleyinshockkkkdksadksa February 17, 2009
Someone who spends most of their life on myspace whether at school,work,home,parties, anywhere you can name that has computers.
the person known most for myspace whore is of course TILA TEQUILA!!@!
by Josh2313 March 16, 2008

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