someone who spends more than fifty percent of their day on myspace. Thinking that there is no other joy in life.
Shane :"Alyssa was on myspace all yesterday. Is she a ...?
Adam: " I know she is such a myspace whore isn't she? ."
by mada512 January 01, 2008
Someone who is addicted to Myspace and is constantly on MySpace 24/7
Tom:"Hey I thought Jon was comming?"
Jim:"Na he's being a Myspace whore and is going to stay at home."

Jeremy:"Why did ky get fire?"
Bart:"He was being a MySpace Whore and wasnt doing his job and got caught."
by KyBrtJrmyJorge August 18, 2006
Somebody, usually a girl, who consumes most of their time on They add thousands of friends and usually have the number of friends they have in their screen name. Such as "KateB2k" 2k being the amount of friends they have. They spend hours even days on myspace begging for comments and get mad when they don't have 100 comments a day and constantly threaten to delete their myspace. When they put a new picture up, if it doesn't get a certain, large amount of comments, they'll either delete, or won't post a new one until it gets more. They also do the act of "whoring" somebody on myspace using "w4w" which is pretty much just begging for people to add a certain person so that others will add them.
Myspace whore: OMG, I haven't been on the computer in an hour, I MUST check and see if I have comments. If not, I'M GOING TO DELETE MY MYSPACE!!!

Picture caption: Get to 100 comments in an hour or I'm deleting. New picture when this gets 100.

Whoring bulletin: Add Kayla! She's super sweet. She comments!
by RiotBabeee June 18, 2010
Myspace whores are people who go to massive friend gathering sites and add random people who have around 1500 friends that do the same thing. These people will they post alot of bulletins and comments saying to add another myspace whore. Many of them are on every waking moment and never post REAL comments or anything like that. They post most of them with links to other myspace whores profiles.


Wat's up?
Add these people for me

please? Link here ---> *Link here*

Add Kenzie
She's soooo cutee. and she's a myspace whore like me!
She pc4pcs and talks to you!

*Pic here*
by MidnightBeast April 03, 2010
an individual (usually but not exclusively a teenage girl) who typically post sexually provocative/revealing pictures on MySpace in order to get as much 'attention' as possible.
"Luke man you're fast turning into a MySpace Whore!"
by Gareth Ronan May 25, 2009
someone who would rather spend time on myspace with their vertual friends then the ones that actually exsist.

these people tend to spend stupid bulletins saying shit no one cares about like "pc4pc"
or "lyke omg. i am SO bored. talk to me!"

they have like 232,675 friends, which no one can possibly know in real life.
Friend 1: Hey! let's go to the mall and smoke weed and get wasted.
Friend 2: no. i'm busy commenting my friends.
Friend 1: Myspace whore.
by natalienegro March 23, 2009
people who post a shitload of bulletins on the website myspace.

they usually take pictures with there phones/cameras.

they are known for having thousands of friends, and there constant need for attention.

aka tila tequila (biggest myspace whore)
by hahawouldntyouliketoknow October 16, 2008

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