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A person who is on myspace 24/7 and while on there Whores people in exchange to be whored (W4w)

Another stupid way of getting 4555124516565165 of friends that half you don't talk to or know.


Hannah:Hey Erin,Look at Cassidy,I mean...shes been on myspace at home and now she got the Iphone and is on at school!?

Erin:I know,wtf? I herd she got 440.7k of friends now.

Hannah:Pfft,What a Myspace Whore.
by Chooooobaccoaaaa January 08, 2008
One who spends all his time on the popular site Myspace. This person will often have hundreds of "friends," many of whom are strangers. It is a requistite to have at least 3 of them be minors.
Sakie is a myspace whore.
by Bobthebuilder69 March 31, 2006
Myspace whoring is a process many people go through to reach some level of publicity on the internet. They're usually scene, but not always. Either way, they are starved for attention, or feel lonely. That's why they do it.

Myspace whoring is done by adding lots of people they've never met, joining online "friend trains" such as maxadds.com, and asking their existing myspace friends to post bulletins with links to their profile (the actual act of whoring.)

Once a whore has been successful in getting a lot of friends, they can join whore trains, which pretend to be exclusive and only for pretty people. They're not. Repeat as necessary until you feel really famous. You'll never be actually famous.

A whore's success is usually measured in how many friends they have and how many trains they're on.

Under 5000 friends: not successful.

5000-10,000: ready to start joining trains and being conceited. Still not widely known.

10,000-20,000: revered by their myspace friends, on a million trains, and thoroughly conceited.

20,000+: They are at the top of the list, and realize the pointlessness of it all. America suffers one more teen suicide.
Scene kids are usually myspace whores.
by puddin2356634 October 07, 2009
basically a fucking prima donna on MYSPACE.com with thousands upon thousands of MYSPACE friends, usually a chic that think she's to fuckin good for everybody and when you comment those fuckin whores they dont hit you back or nothing .."fucking bitches!! grr" basically dont add them because you just become a number on their list to make them appear "special"..
Billy: hey man dont you know that myspace whore Sally67kon myspace?

Bobby: yeah who doesnt maaaan

Billy: i left that bitch a comment yesterday that asked her a fucking question and when she logged in today she didnt comment me back..that fucking myspace whore
by jack-son December 24, 2007
on who is always on myspace (applied more to the grls) Always on myspace,has a lot of friends and is always making comment on myspace
sara:omg that girl is always loged on on her myspace
friend:shes a myspacewhore
by lollypop101 May 01, 2007
You know who you are..

When pictures dance, outfits make the layout, "no make up" is the exact opposite, Bestie means nothing, feuds over boys who don't care, with a girl who is exactly like you, and "bone structure" means a kissy face, upside-down with your middle finger. basically myspace whore.
by Kay.Tee October 02, 2008
someone who post comments on video just to try and get more friends
Damn i hate it when jenny get myspace whore ish.
by Dakota W. July 22, 2008