A 'myspace whore' is a tag given to users of Myspace.com. They spend most of their day posting bulletins that make no sense as well as taking pictures of themselves in their bathroom mirror. They often spend alot on a digicam so that they can take good quality pictures of themselves all day. When taking pictures, girls usually wear big shades and have different colours in their hair, and guys usually have their face covered with hair to appear 'emo'
they then upload them to myspace and post constant reminders to their friends to comment on their pictures.
MYSPACE WHORE: Guess what?!1 I just bought a stones tee from hottopic!11111

Boy: Do you even know who the stones are?

by Ash JP April 19, 2006
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a dude or chick on myspace that have 1k-1gizzilionk of friends and all they do is be popular on myspace to strangers that they don't know.
that myspace whore has the angles, in too many of her pictures...
by Duhast November 28, 2006
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A person (mostly refered to GRLS) who is always on myspace, Addicted to myspace
Sara: Wow! that grl is always on myspace

Friend: ugh! that girl is such a myspacewhore
by sara to-da i May 15, 2007
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(Also called an E-Slut)

A girl with low self-esteem, low intelligence or both who uses Myspace as a medium to post lame pictures or moronic blogs. A fuck that requires little to no effort. And you can break-up with her after she attempts (and hopefully succedes) suicide for the 6th time. Then you can just repeat the process.
So not shaving, getting a haircut and liking wuss music actually is attractive to these people. Killer!
by Mikal K March 05, 2005
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usually a girl who will wear almost nothing and get the "angles" to take a hot picture. a whore, who isnt really a whore. because she hasnt ever sucked a dick, just tries to come off as she has. will post 700 bulletins a day. sits a computer, waiting for NEW COMMENTS! NEW PICTURES COMMENTS! NEW MESSAGES!

Im such a myspace whore LOLZZ
"OMGZZ COMMENT MY NEW PEEECCCSHURRRRRR. Illl commentzz backkk. tell me what u thinkkkkkkkkk keep or delete? OMGZZ ;"


"OMGZZ only like 10 people have commented my picture. nobody likes it! ill go take one in booty shorts with my ass and boobs hanging out! OMGZZ
by flaberingakss December 03, 2006
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A person who constantly adds and adds people to become "famous" on Myspace and literally have thousands of people worshipping over them leaving millions of picture comments and mail telling them how "gorgeous" or "cute" they are.All Myspace whores are usually scene.
"I hit up that Myspace whore Jefree Starr the other day and I never got a fucking reply!"
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A Myspace user who adds as many friends as they possibly can (including people they don't know), beg for comments and picture comments, and treat Myspace as a huge part of their life.

(Not to be confused with a Myspace sluts, which post slutty pictures of themselves)
1) If you have 400+ friends, you are probably a Myspace whore.

2) There was a huge fight at my sister's friend's school. Some girls were so mad that they threatened each other to take them off of their Top 8. (I'm not joking) These are Myspace whores.
by penoose March 26, 2008
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