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One whom commits him/her self to the internet site, myspace.
The characteristics of a myspacian: the Red vained eyes, of staying up all night to see any further changes to myspace life; the constant overview of friends list; the random requests to unknown "Hot" people; the constant re-evaulation of ones life through the inisesant bullitins, as a person may become engrossed with a problem, for example:<i>you will die in twenty four hours</i>; and the constant need to upload new myspace images or iMyPic

Another myspacian characteristic is the type of commenting on peoples photos;video blogs;comments;messages. They are typically short and dumb witted, though to a myspacian; its is rather enigmatic and witty.
For example:
(a pic of a cat)
"i like your pussy"

A myspacian can be known to have over 200-10000+ friends whom in reality cannot effectively message and know them all.

A iMyhawt is a person whom loves themselves too much and resort to the use of their to tell them they are "hot" or "HAWT"
"Man I feel as though Im a myspacian"

"Dude, myspace is soo cool. Be my freind"

"Insert witty sentence here"
by Heysalovesyah August 10, 2006
A person who spends so much time on myspace it's almost like a religion to them, They are often mistaken for myspace addicts, or camwhores but there addiction is much deeper, to the point of deep depression if not able to check there myspace or if they have no updates, and uses posts many bulletins asking for PC4PC.

{OP memo- I'm a Myspacian, so nobody mistakes this for bashing}
OMG!! new pics PC4PC, ples!!!pplz!!!



Your such a Myspacian
PC4PC plz
by myspacian 001 May 28, 2008

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