A My Space whore is somebody who spends a lot of time on My Space. How to recongnize the Symptoms:
-This person will follow all of the my space trends.
-This person will also have a pimped out my space page.
-You also see the classic My Space picture.
Also know this is a sickness! Don't catch the My Space bug!
Char: "Did you see T.J.'s new picture?"
Becky: "You mean the one were he is looking away from the camera try'n to look all serious?"
Char: "Yeah, thats the one."
Becky: "He is such a My Space whore."


Char: "Hey Becky! Check out my My Space page."
Becky: "Why?"
Char: "I changed it again."
Becky: "You My Space whore."

or even

Char: "How long did you spend on My Space last night?"
Becky: "I was on there 'till 3 o'clock this morning."
Char: "You My Space whore."
by Charmaine M.I. Smith November 27, 2006
a fucktard that sits at their computer all night looking at myspace and trying to make virtual friends because they hae none
sam and tim are such myspace whores
by totalltruestory September 21, 2006
Defined by the weekly article on damncrackers.com, a myspace whore put up almost nude pictures of herself and usually has more than 1000 friends. The myspace whore will usually mass add friends and tell people she is married or has a boyfriend, but still will spread her legs for anything that will leave a comment on her page.
Tila Tequila is a Myspace Whore because she is more than half naked in all her pictures and has over 1000 friends.
by Derrick from DC September 19, 2006
Any person, (usually a thirteen year old girl), who takes photographs of himself/herself at strange angles and styles his/her hair in a way that looks "scene" enough for a "MySpace pic". (***extra points for editing the photos with PhotoShop or having an iPod mini in the photos). Also, in these photos, the MySpace Whore may be wearing mismatched colors, typically bright ones like magenta or electric blue. (***extra points if wearing a graphic tee shirt ---especially if it has thunder bolts). You may find that in real life, a "MySpace Whore" you know appears to be a normal person. This MySpace Whore is an example of a mild case, (known as a "poser" by other MySpace Whores). Extremist MySpace Whores, sometimes confused with "emos", actually cut their hair in strange fashions and get weird piercings. A key aspect to a MySpace Whore is indeed his/her MySpace. The Friend List of a MySpace Whore typically runs from 1,000 - 400,000 strangers who could be confused, at a glance, with said MySpace Whore. (This is due to the EXTREME conformist practices of MySpace Whores across the U.S). When it comes down to it, the actual gender of a MySpace Whore is really quite trivial; boys and girls get the same haircuts, and every one of them is supposedly bisexual. These people were a major problem from late 2004 and although most have quieted down since mid 2006, some exist today in small pockets of New Jersey and Wasington State. "Myspace Whore" might as well be used synonymously with "attention whore." The typical "MySpace Whore" 'loves' Panic! at the Disco, dinosaurs (rawwwrrrr), and polka dots. Look for them hanging around a 7-11 on a Saturday night.

The main reason most MySpace Whores ended practice was due to the increasing number of "posers" who took the intrinsic aspects of being a MySpace Whore and devirginized them (i.e. taking extremism way too far, going from being a preppy kid/ geek to a MySpace Whore). The "posers" began a movement in mid 2005 in an attempt to become true-blue MySpace Whores. The veteran MySpace Whores learned of this and the roles were switched. Today, in early 2008, one may still see an older high school student with funky hairclips or vans. This young man or woman is a prime example of the mid- ots 13-year-old MySpace Whore. Flip them up a peace sign.
by Mike92390 March 09, 2008
A myspace whore can usually be seen as an ugly female, trying to look of the least bit pretty using photoshop. Usually having the same pose of themselves about 5 times, just in different places, then captioning "missing yu babiii~~." Most whores dont spell anything right, and wont take the time to type out a three-letter word(ex: you, the,).

You may see whoring as funny, or maybe even a compliment. You may think, i'll post all 12 pictures(maximun limit) of me, showing i have absolutely no friends.

Some myspace whores are underaged seventh grade sluts. They think they are chill having pictures of their little immature breasts. They also have "D0Nt StARt With MEHH" in their about me's.

Also, myspace whores have more then 400 friends. Not one person can have more then 400 friends. It's ridiculus to add someone for the number, they have feelings too.

Nobody wants to see "mi b0o0ored." on a myspace, its not interesting. And chances are no one probably wants to comment it, but since you say I'LL COMMENT YOU IF YOU COMMENT ME, you apparently have no choice..

The last statement about myspace whores would most likely be they can post more then 10 bullitens a day asking for comments, messages, and picture comments. If you cant get comments, then suck it..

jessica : omg!~! i got 2 nuu pixxxx !!
brittney : so .. ?
jessica : welLlLl. c0mment themm!~1
brittney : im doing something ..
jessica : i'll c0mment y0urs if yew c0mment mine!
brittney : um no..
jessica : UHHHH, wh0re.
the pictures jessica had were all the same poses, looking terrible and not realizing it.

( jessica is the myspace whore )

by ;bam; April 11, 2006
normally a girl who has a myspace and 300 pages of frinds (who they dont even kno)] and is alwase asking for more. very annoying. constently sending out bullitend saying "whore me" or "add me!" and the thing they dont know is bullitens are sent to all you friends, not all of myspace
myspace whore: omg add me to your friends!!!
normal person: who the heck are you?
myspace whore: you dont know me, just add me!
normal person: fag. leave me alone.
by shutupfag April 10, 2006
A myspace whore is someone who is obessed with myspace.com. On this site, they use photoshop to rid themselves of their uglyness, request tons of guys/girls, take pictures of themselves everyday using the typical myspace poses, and post multiple bullitens everyday. They update their myspace and say "ok i'm getting off now". They comment their own pictures to make it seem like they have more comments. They try to make it so everyone likes them, and try to grab your attention. Basically, you can find these horrifying creatures in a nearby garbage can.
Comment my new pics!
You know you want to =)
And I have new shit in my page!
so check it out!

Thats a myspace whore for you!
by Shawnsta Monsta March 14, 2008

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