A nickname for Mike Mussina of the New York Yankees.
It's time for game 5...let's go Moose!
by Sarah October 19, 2004
1. Anything Canadian or relating to Canada.
2. Supremely sweet soccer move, involving a backwards side hack and/or a tip with a crazy spin-and-catch.
3. A exclamitory for any randomly sweet move in soccer.
1. Man, I've got to go up norht to the land of the moose to visit my parents.
2. Whoa, Mark, sweet moose.
3. So how was everybodys day, hack hack, WHOA, boss moose man. That was way moose.
by Gid December 10, 2003
The fattest, dirtiest, drunkest, smelliest bastard at the local bar.
by Big Smoke Dogg October 23, 2003
A female with a mustache (moose-tache)
Dude #1-"Dude check out that moose"

Dude #2-"Holy shit man she needs to line that up better"
by Triple Fo February 16, 2005
An all-around definition with many meanings.

1. An insult
2. Something to say when you are mad at someone for being a fucking idiot.
3. Something to say at random
1. You moose!
2. You moose! Go to Belleville!
3. Moose!
by P $ February 14, 2004
1.) A form of Animal
2.) The colour your teeth go if you dont clean them for a week
3.) The strange smell your closet makes
4.) Making a salad
1.) I once petted a moose
2.) Oh man Camping makes everything turn moose right on a weeks away time brother!
3.) What the fuck is that! You got some serious moose coming outta there!
4.) Jackson! Go moose for me will you!
by Andrew January 22, 2004
a moose is the largetest member of the deer family so naturally it has the lagest tallywacker
you, you are a moose
by sir cock-a-lot January 02, 2004

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