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tasty beverage made of vodka, koolaid, and beer. soo good.
pass me some of that moose juice!
by losssser November 14, 2004
A mixture of all the left-over juices in the fridge.
There was a little orange juice & cranberry & apple juice left in the fridge so he mixed them up and served them to the kids and called it 'Moose Juice'
by Coffeeboy7 August 12, 2011
Sweat in between your ass crack. Comes from Moose because it smells like moose piss.
Damn, I have moosejuice and moonrocks up my ass. IT HURTS
by TimothyJuice July 02, 2009
the urge to cause drama just because you can.
I was all hopped up on moose juice didnt know what I was doing at the time.... they were drinkin hateraide so i downd a bit of moosejuice to getter goin
by moosejavian May 05, 2011
another way of saying coffee, used in kansas
hey marty, hook me up with some moose juice eh?
by god of agg poopy December 06, 2005
A Beverage originating in Anchorage, AL consisting of 2/3 moose brand ale and 1/3 rubbing alcohol
Ice fishing was alot better last night with the moose juice
by Anthony McQueen January 01, 2006
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