a slang term used in an affectionate way to call someone when they have done something stupid.
you stupid moose! why did you let the dog escape!
by mmmm, smeat. July 18, 2003
ugly person usually female
that girl over there she's a right moose
by seymouruk July 09, 2005
the coolest animal in the history of forever.
Katie ahs DMD (Defected Moose Disorder)
by The Shadow Molester March 18, 2005
1) A vagina.
2) The most fucking annoying animal in the universe. With an exception to the sloth
1) I touched her moose.
2) That mother fucking moose better go away before I piss in it's eyes.
by African American Jews December 10, 2006
word used to describe something cool or awesome...etc...
'that is soo moose!'
by jenna rae June 07, 2005
cool, awesome, other words meaning cool....
'oh that's so moose!'
by jenna rae June 04, 2005
The uncontrollable grunt-like moaning sound made by a man as he spurts forth BALLSACK BOLOGNESE from his BLUE-VEINED YOGURT PUMPER all over his partner, keyboard or belly-button.

So named as it sounds like the mating call of a Canadian Moose.
I heard you do Moose last night - have you been looking at ogrish again?
by Googles January 07, 2005

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