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Being made to look bad by an ex or somone you have hit on getting with someone uglier then you
you hit on a girl she rejects you then you see her getting off with a fat guy, then you have been moosed

if your ex girlfried starts dating a guy who is uglier then you
by ADJMETT June 26, 2011
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noun: To have one's beverage, usually a coffee beverage, unknowingly spiked with extra shots of espresso.
1) Do you see Jenny bouncing off the walls? Freddy moose'd her!
2) (to someone who ordered a coffee and after drinking half the cup) "You got moose'd!!"
by nycizzle May 05, 2009
To be paged via instant messager. Same as IMed or AIMed.

Usage comes from an early IM program called "MooseMan", later known as "Internet Moosenger"
I got moosed by Julie last night.
by Scrappy Doo March 20, 2005
To completely and utterly destroy whatever you are trying to fix, more specifically a piece of computer hardware.
I tried to install my new CPU, but I completely moosed up the socket and caught my room on fire at the same time.
by drainpip May 10, 2010
While fucking your girl from behind place your thumbs on the back of her head and extend your fingers making moose antlers. Do this without her knowledge.
Last night I moosed my girl. She almost caught me.
by nolaughingmatter May 02, 2010
When a guy you are note even dating breaks up with you for another girl. He has to really be into you, but still hung up on an ex or have a wandering eye.
I can't believe that boy Moosed me for her!


Things were going so well and then he Moosed me for his ex!
by QT KT December 03, 2009
to fill a produce display at super one ridiculously full while leaving it somewhat presentable.
Moose done moosed the bananas again!


This 10 for 10 deal is killin us, good thing Moose moosed that shit!!!
by pollard218 May 16, 2009

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