the animal that should replace every school mascot. plural: meese
Girl 1: "What the fuck is a SeaBee? Gawd, our school is soo dummb !"
Girl 2: "Yeahh ! We should totally be MEESE !"
SomeRandomGuyListening: to himself I bet meese means moose but more than one... wow... that'd be siick."
by grrbabyy December 12, 2008
A animal like think that eats donuts all the time
A fatt kid that talks shit about people!
OMg look at that kid thats eating a donut lets call him moose!
by K to the D March 01, 2008
Semantic shift of its primary meaning (as in the animal)
An alternative of:
someone who is a growler (woof)

When used positively:

Background Info:
Originally used by OSBK and SMBK as an insult to eachother.
Has been reputed that it is also used on the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft.

S: Oh my dayz your such a moose!!!
O: No! Your a moose!

S: Oi none, did you hear about P? He's such a moose man.
A: Allow.

J: Alright moose? you cool?
S: Not too bad thanks.

T: OMD can't believe that huntter didn't use his pet! What a moose!
E: lol did you see his speccs!? What a moose.
by smbk June 23, 2007
If an object or thing is in some way, shape or form horse like then i can be described alterantivley, as being moose like
Lisanne is a dark moose
by Monsieur Batman November 16, 2006
1. large woodland creature
2. random exclamation of surprise/frustration/ect.
1. I saw a moose in the forest.
2. Holy moose! I forgot my keys!
by Mercury Silverscale August 31, 2003
When you're going at a lady doggy style, you stick both thumbs in her ass, remove them and place them in her ears, palms facing outwards, fingers spread. Thus resembling a moose.
I was with your sister last night, and I gave her the Moose.
by Rodger Moore April 18, 2007
Pyscotic pimp. Has tolerence level to other people's number of eyelashes of 0. WILL mug you if given sufficient procation.
Hey look its Moose....oh shit she's seen us!.... RUN!!!!
by Barney the great polar bear October 09, 2006

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