A tired, typically quiet person, especially one who has consumed large amounts of water
"He wouldn't say anything - just kept chugging water. He's such a moose."
by Phoebe Buffay March 22, 2006
a direct reference to a male camel toe except the legs are spread apart, not closed, as opposed to camel toe.
the moose are heading north.
by eromiral January 19, 2006
Everyone that has given a definition to this word, including me for wasting my time. Mainly used because of the idiocy received just by seeing all your spelling errors and lack of original usage of the word.
You are a MOOSE stoopid shit shit fucky hell giz moneky girl boy ugly poo poo head.
by Not Yours September 21, 2005
large deer like animal very slow and dim witted
also used for an insault
ah look over there, a moose

ah u stupid moose you dont know what ur doing!!!
by RANDOM-ZERO August 26, 2005
1. Refers to a certain area of the female body.

2. Also known as deer, runs around in wilds.

3. Canadian-born, 'different' than others.


4. To quit at the peak of an hard worked for-abnormally high performance, usually resulting into a loss of everything gained.
MOOSEdom; 'After a 45mile run Mike nearly crossed the finish to collect his 10.000$ reward, yet he decided to take a wrong turn at the local canadian pub and got wasted, to return hours later, finishing way behind the rest'
by donut(HD) June 17, 2005
1. To become inebriated.
2. To have sex.
"Moosin' on the moose juice."
"Dude, you were moosed like a caboose."
"Once the moose is loose, you can't goose the noose."
"Hey man, don't be a moose noose."
"I moosed that papoose like a zeus moose."
by Devin Conathan December 26, 2004
a weapon in counterstrike
i got the moose....do you?
by one slick german October 15, 2003

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