a moco is a fucking booger, montgomery county my ass...
get that petrified moco off ur jacket before u scratch urself
by Evereal (Rob from Hawthorne CA) January 09, 2006
I have lived in MoCo my whole life. IT is true...When it snows we have off, when it doesn't we have off, when it might rain next week we have off....And in regards to the people.....
1.No matter how many times a white kid says, "Fa shizzle my nizzle," "What up Dawg?" or "Word my nigger" he aint going to be black
2. You may blast your subs.....but you bought them not stole them so your still white
3. Even if you were fubu and timbs and walk like your cripled....YOUR Still white
4. If you live in Moco ANYWHERE your aint gangsta!
5. You go to Lakeforest Mall......its still less ghetto then ANY mall in DC
by Chris May 05, 2005
County in Central Maryland, bordering Washington D.C. Full of many rich people that wish they actually lived in the ghetto. Someone, please tell them to stop posing. There are some ghetto areas, of course, but the county tries its best not to let other people know. Montgomery county supposedly has great schools, but they're just puffed up. They just have the money to get better computers, that's all.
MoCo Kid: Yo yo whaddup dawg?! West Bethesda, yo!
PGCounty Kid: *smack* Your mom drives a mercedes to pick up the mail. You are NOT in the ghetto.
by Jaden<3 September 10, 2005
MoCo is another name for Montgomery county. I've lived in MoCo my whole life and i found out about 2 weeks ago that MoCo is known in the country for kids dying from drunk driving, and girls gettin trains ran on them because they have low self esteem. MoCo is split up into different sections, the rich section, the ghetto section, and the country section. But no matter where you reside, you say you're from D.C., you act ghetto with your rich ass car, and you have beef with people from Bmore
person #1: where are you from again?
MoCo resident: MoCo represent niggaaaa! You dont know about that joint!
by Aprizzle (see even i do it!) August 31, 2005
Moravian College, term used by students of Moravian College
Also used to describe Moravian Campus Police Force
MoCo is a small college, almost like a public high school except that you have to pay for it, and live there.
by Douglas West November 28, 2005
a place where people can spell and pronounce Louis Vuitton, buy not much else
girl 1- hey look at my lou vuton bag
girl 2- it's Louis Vuitton, if you can't prnuonce it it's obvoulsly a fake
by THEMAN December 10, 2004
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