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Cochino (coe-chee-noe, N.A. "cochini", SPAN "cochino", literally meaning "pig"): A young man with questionable motivations concerning young women, usually of a lewd, erotic nature. Typically having a voracious sexual appetite and prone to constantly making advances on girls.
"Mija, I no want you talking to that boy Eric anymore, he's a cochino!"
by Jimmy January 02, 2005
Spanish. Means dirty in masculine form. Cochina is the feminine form of the word. Could refer to something with a sexual connotation, but not necesarily. ate your booger? Cochino!
You're such a cochina, but I like it when you do that to me.
by Maria Raquel October 17, 2007
An adjective describing someone who wants to have sex with someone else in the butt when the poop comes out.
Manuel: Oohhhuunnngh, Mercedes, I want to have sex with you in the butt when the poop comes out.
Mercedes: Cochino!
by scifiducky September 04, 2009
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