Where you can only buy brew cause the licks are all county own. But cause u like in moco u can pick up some ghetto black people, such as stacy, in SE D.C. to buy your licks.
That liqour store is owned by MOCO. Dont use your fake or they'll take that piece
by Tez December 13, 2003
mo county is like the west side story you got bethesda chevy chase fake beverly hils where bitches is snitches and thats how they get killed, up county full of hicks and fucking rich fucks i only fuck with wheaton silver spring kensigton takoma park fuck everyone else..."missing deers dog im burning the clutch, with mo county on my ass just for burnin a dutch"
straight from the slums of wheaton and what...

einstein and call it crimestein if ya want so what if we got the highest drop out rate an teenage pregnancy rate we will still steal your cars ya kicks ya chicks an leave you in the street to catch the q2..holla sound blitz and what!!
by madd cap June 05, 2004
The most dangerous peepz... ha... Maybe got the money, but all talk... Bullshi*t...? Right on... Coolest place on earth...
Dik NuTz...
by RosCoE Mc December 06, 2003
The place dat iz da shit we got da metro n da Ride On givin ma homiez ridez to da clean ass parks wif dem hummers n nice ass BMDubyas bus metro walk daz rite MOCO!!
Montgomery County, Maryland is known as MoCo; we get snow days when it doesnt snow. Teehee.
by Ozzie D March 02, 2005
Tha most g-g-g-ghetto county in tha whole wurld, son. Fo sho.
Eazy-e: Yo Dre what hood could be 'mo ghetto than Compton, son?
Dre: Yo eazy, i gotta shout out to my homies in Montgomery County Maryland...
Ice Cube: Word to your mother
MC Ren: Fo sho!
by dudefromwootton May 11, 2005
1. bcc, blake, springbrook, and churchill all suck!... when u actually win a state championship in football, then maybe u run the shit. But, for now Northwest runs the shit considering the are 2005 champs bitches. So unless u have a reason for your claim, then dont be making false claims. Northwest is the only school out there runnin this shit and it will always be that way.
2. MOCO is the only county in the nation with the ghetto and a country club within 2 miles of eachother. it also includes school sytems that try to make stupid minorities look smarter by changing the grading system... it doesnt work they are all stupid. and it is the only county in which every party has more guys than girls... other than that its just a plain old county! haha sike!
confused white girl: i wanna meet a gangsta ass white boy!
unanimous white person: lets go to MOCO, everybody living in a 3000 square foot home in the suburbs of germantown thinks they are ghetto!
by K$$$ September 09, 2005
the backwards ass country place where rebel flags fly and there are only two stoplights. No inbreeding cause we are too fucked in the head to know who our sisters are. holler holler
" Damn dave you hear about the drug bust in MoCo, the goddamn cops sniffed all the blow and still arrested the dudes. The pigs also got blowjobs and fucked the goats."-- MoCo native
by dookesmeller March 03, 2006

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