spanish term for "booger". Kind of sounds like Mucous.
Tienes un moco en la nariz.
Ya no te piques los mocos.
by Maria Fernanda June 23, 2005
A county in Maryland in which one must always bring tennis shoes to party, cause you gonna b runnin from da cops eventually; a county in which peeps roll deep with their wallets even deeper, and where Prep runs shit, period.
Prep senior 1: shit, cops got me runnin from my own damn house!
Prep senior 2:it's aiight we're rich
by titus January 11, 2005
A county located relatively close to the D.C. Area and includes some of the blackest white people ever conceived on earth. If you are not of above average intelligence, you will most likely begin to emulate black culture around the age of 12, and by 14 you will be a straight up thugged out gangsta, who just happens to live in Olney and isn't actually a gangsta at all. The majority of the white male population in Montgomery County truly belives in their heart of hearts that they are black men, and will do anything to prove so. These activities are including but not limited to the following; smoking obnoxious amounts of weed, drinking until they black out/puke/crash a car, wearing clothes that are clearly 3 sizes too large, driving like morons, speaking like a mentally challenged black person, and saying the word "pilt". The best thing to do is avoid eye contact with these whiggers, because if it is made, the string of words that follows is neither comprehensible nor english. In conclusion, Montgomery County is horrible unless you're rich, and even then, your children will try to act like they're black and poor.
Yo them MoCo bamas be pilt up this junks.
Ey yo it's the MoCo Po!
Yo MoCo's gots the finest 13 year old bitches.
by Gregory Lipshits April 14, 2005
A place half as rich but twice as snooty an NoVa.
NoVa'n: hi there
Moco'an: hi there inferior person
NoVa'n: *audible sigh* you're from Montgomery County aren't
MoCo'an: yes, yes I am; and might I add that we're number
13 in richest national counties?
NoVa'n: open your eyes. stop bragging. there's always
somewhere better. not only better but less
obnoxious. *raises limosine window and drives away*
*to himself*- besides, we have number 2,3,and 8; but
we'd never say it.
by 12wq January 03, 2006
Suburban county located in Maryland known as the 3rd wealthiest in the nation. Home of THEPhrat whose members hail from areas within MoCo such as Rockville, Potomac, and Bethesda.
Hot Girl 1: Where are those cute guys in THEPhrat from?
Hot Girl 2: Oh, they're from different areas in MoCo.
by Dy Nomite November 08, 2004
If you are from BCC ur not allowed to call whitman White-man, thats reserved for the ghettos of down county, what are u thinking, ur white too, dont steal our shit. SBHS, Holla
BCC Bamma: Hey Whitman, u guys are white.
BCC Bamma2: Hey hold on now, we're white too.
BCC Bamma: Oh no what are we gonna do, now all we can do is complain about all the money we have, because we live in upper moco.
by SBFH03 November 05, 2005
Not all of us from OC -not THE OC- are
wealthy. Don't believe everything you see on TV.
Southern OC is the only thing that's shown on TV....they never show you the poor parts of town. Believe me, not everyone drives a BMW and lives in Newport Beach.
by Lisa from OC not THE OC June 26, 2005

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