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It simply means “included”

Was you in the mix?
by Anonymous yes Anonymous March 31, 2009
51 11
When a DJ is mixing.
Youre in the mix tonight with DJ...
by jim jonesz March 31, 2008
28 12
A term used primarily by the Barry Twins and their associates to describe having a good time. Usually in McGowans of Phibsboro!
Someone has managed to get contact details for a person of the opposite sex. "We're in the mix"
by mrmixalot November 30, 2009
17 9
when your stoned..........
oh im in the mix man!!!!
by ôpen March 21, 2007
26 21
In reference to "going out" or "partying."
It is Wherever or Whoever will be going to a particular place/party.
"You gettin in the mix tonight?" - (WHEREever)

"Who's in the mix'?

by Upper Enchalant March 21, 2009
10 8
Much like crunk in the club, being "in the mix" can also be used to describe something that is tight, cool, or hip.
John: Dude, I went to the club last night, and me and Darrell got SO in the mix we couldn't even dance anymore.

Geoffrey: That's in the mix, man!
by Poopy Butt April 02, 2006
14 15
An incredibly irritating cliche employed by sports radio hosts when they're looking for filler between commercials
When you add Brett Favre "in the mix", the Jets might make the playoffs.
by gbrett August 17, 2008
4 6