MoCo's = Morning Cocktails
Usually, MoCo's are done before tailgating.
You wake up really early on a Saturday and simply start drinking. They work as a good pregame before the tailgates, which often only have bad beer to be used to maintain your drunkenness.

If you're a girl, you can also call it Morning Cocks.
Annoucement: MoCo's are at 8 am at our house, followed by a walk to the buses to the game, where we have tailgates all set up with burgers and Natty.
by caust1c November 29, 2010
MOnster COck; a huge dick - in terms of both length and girth

Similar to, but larger than, HOCO
John Holmes was famous for his MOCO!
by MOCO & P-Phat February 11, 2010
A county where people who have Bar Mitzvahs and live in Potomac give out CamelBacks as party favors for hundred people or so. My home county, public schools call off school TOO much
Person 1: Hey is that some ice I see on that tree over there?
by Nick F. January 28, 2004
(n), The moment when everything becomes clear. The point in time when realisation dawns and previous confusion is replaced with clarity.
eg Usage "I've just had a moco" meaning "I've just had a moment of consiousness when the penny has dropped"

Archimedes in bath arguable shouted "It's a moco" rather than "Eureka" - it was a long time ago.
by GoMoco February 04, 2010
Term used in ones away message to tell his SOCOM friends that he is on socom, but normal people don't have a clue what he is talking about. The term 'Mocos' is 'Socom' backwards and can also be modified for mor detaild such as 'Z MOCOS' for Socom 2 and 'E MOCOS' for Socom 3
DuKe18742: Hey Whats Up
call the cell
by T-Rock1990 July 17, 2006
A place where kids whose parents are lawyers or work for the Federal Government can act like thugs and get away with it.

A place where spoiled high schoolers are given Mom and Dad's credit card and new SUV and are told to do whatever they want. The result?

The results range from disrespectful teens who don't understand the value of a dollar, to kids who don't seem phased when they recieve a DUI at the age of 17. These kids know that no matter what the problem, be it a dent in the car, lost cellphone or criminal charge, Mom and Dad will take care of it.

I was born and raised in MoCo but unlike 95% percent of my peers I UNDERSTAND THAT MONEY DOESN'T GROW ON TREES. I attend a university where 70% of our students recieve financial aid. I feel lucky and appreciative that my family is paying out of pocket so that I can have a successful future without having to worry about $50,000 of student loans.

MoCo is truly the land of opportunity, unfortunately most people my age don't appreciate it.
Come to WV, where I go to college, and see how the rest of the world OUTSIDE of the MoCo bubble lives. You'll be shocked.
by WVU2008 November 09, 2007
A place where people know how to spell "ridiculous".
Person who wrote stupid definition:"the most rediculous word that I have ever heard of."
Me:"Hi, i'm not rich and i'm not stuck up, but i DO know how to spell.Thankyouverymuch."
by MoCo pride April 07, 2004

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