A proud member of the finest fighting force in the world. One who is able to laugh off the stupid and weak members of other forces who use misspelled words in their definitions, because he knows that while you're sitting at your keyboard trying to learn how to spell, he's showing your girlfriend/wife what it's like to be with a real military man...
"You're a Marine? Thank God. I'm glad you didn't say Navy. My husband is in the Navy and all he talks about is having sex with other men. Can we go to your place?"
by MarineGunny November 06, 2007
Marines are a department of the navy...the men's department. Better than the army. Marines does the shit, army steps in it, airforce smells it, navy watches it, national guard eats it.
Guy 1: "Wow...the job actually got done."

Guy 2: "That's because a marine did it."
by marine January 10, 2005
The most diciplined fighting unit in the history of the modern military. A Marine is cunning, exacting, and most of all, deadly. A marine is trained to kill all enemies of the United States Govornemnt. A champion of freedom, and a defender of all of those cant defend themselves. A Marine is a soldier of freedom.
"john is a proud marine"
by SupaflyKC August 22, 2005
Those sexy mother fuckers who kick ass for our country. I love you guys!!!
All you need to know is Skelton and Sepulvado BABY!!
whoever wrote the definition above is a moron. all branches require minimum ASVAB scores for different MOS (jobs). Although the US Army has significantly lowered its standards of entry and lowered the intensity of its "Basic Training" the Marine Corps standards have not changed and bootcamp is still a grueling 12 weeks which include long days of intense physical training and conditioning, as well as classes and testing on military knowlege and Marine Corps history and structure. But as in any govenment branch elite or not there are always idiots that slip throught the cracks
marines are the worlds 9-1-1 force
by ParrisIsland1999 0311 March 31, 2007
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