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This is urban dictionary...so a more appropriate definition is in order. There are 2 types of Marines: There are the badass ones who do their job as it is expected of them, know this, and that is all. Then there appear to be Marines who act tough, when they really appear to be compensating for a lot of insecurity issues and are generally confused people. There is a place in society for these people and apparently it is the Marine Corps, or the Army...it really depends which recruiter you decided to believe. These joker types are Marines by title, but still will always be posers. These people are annoying to drink with as they always over-exaggerate every situation because their mothers didnt show them enough attention. Watch "Born on the 4th of July" and take in the confusion in that movie. Tom Cruise became paralyzed because of insecurities with losing a wrestling match to impress a girl. Similar scenarios appear to happen pretty often with confused young men being used by older wrinkly men...and lately women as well.
Young man: Im 18 and want to do big things, so I figure shooting strangers halfway around the world is how I will do it...oh yea...I can sign up for the Marines and do that.

Young man's friend: Um, well im going to college dude...bye.
by dubzzzz February 23, 2011
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