The most toughest, finest, well respected, most feared ass kicking, never ever been defeated group of fine men and women in the world. We can destroy you in the Air, on land and in the sea! The Army can screw up my wet dream, the Navy gives us a ride and the air force is just sort of there.
When it absolutely must be destroyed over night, or the fate of the American way of life depends on it being destroyed, call in the real men...the Marines.
by Chris January 03, 2005
They walk through the valley of the shadow of death.... but they fear NO evil,
because they are the GREATEST fighting force in the valley!

bad ass, no evil, marine, military, marine corps, USMC
by Chet Steadmen January 17, 2009
the best dam fighting force in the world. a marine always stands his ground and fights until the very end. when a marine runs out of ammo he dosent worry he just pulls out his knife. a marine is the worst person to start a fight with. a marine will slautger any enemy that gets in his/her way

army soilder: sarge wat r we goin to do theres hundreds of enmy soliders closing on our postion.

army sarge: dont worry the marines our on the way to help
by tyler p. February 22, 2008
The one who keeps things in order.
This Marine will set things straight!
by Daniel March 15, 2005
EXCUSE ME but all you army M***** F*****s need to listen up. marines are the first to war for one reason, we are the best. after we clear the area you pussy-foot it into the war zone to clear up the already dead bodies. just because you know you couldnt stand 13 weeks at PI and 3 week at Lejune dont mean you have to dis those that can.
Soldier: what happened here?! It looks like a RPG killed all 500 of these iraqis.
Soldier2: No 3 marines just went thru bout 20 minutes ago.

ARMY= Aint Real Men Yet
by devilheadjardog March 19, 2008
Kick ASS Peeps who can take out Iraq in a few days but the damn Army has to get all the fuckin credits!
"Marines Report"

Marine General "What the fuck is Army General doing?"

Marine Genearl 2 "Waiting for us to go first becuase there pussies"
by eViL AzN August 19, 2006
People that truly make a difference in the world.
Some people spend their entire lives wondering if they've made a difference. Marines don't have that problem.
by SmprFi September 11, 2007
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