The best branch of the US Military. They live and fight like soldiers and airmen, but they talk like sailors.
Soldiers: We fight on land

Airmen: We attack from above

Sailors: We fight on Sea

Marines: We do everything the other guys do. We just do it better.
by BoazN November 15, 2006
The unholy angels of death and distruction who's sole purpose is to wreak the vengence of freedom and liberty upon those who oppossith. 2) A Green amphibious monster who breaks things and blows shit up, 3) The deadliest and most feared weapon on the battlefield, 4) Killer of many and cause for self defication, tolerates no bullshit (Iraqi definintition) 5) A smaller more pissed off army talking navy lingo (Army definition)
1) The taliban in kandahaar had already laid down their weapons when the Marines arrived.

2)"The deadliest weapon on the battlefield is a Marine and his rifle" - Gen. Pershing

3)We're sending in the Marines goodnight asshole.
by Aaron T March 19, 2004
the mens department of the navy
marines are a department of the navy. yes the mens dept
by jsteele90 December 07, 2008
" Can't use the Gym Because its Full Of Fking MARINES....
by QM3 SCHULTZ April 11, 2005
another part of americas great military. The mens department of the navy. Responisible for giving americans the right to free speech and freedom.
Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don't have that problem.
- Ronald Reagan, President of the United States; 1985
by jlkgfowdil February 28, 2007
marine= A being who knows he had to score well on the asvap or else he'd have to settle for the army. one who has to have a drop of common sence, or else he'd have to join the airforce. A person who knew he'd have to get his hands dirty and not be afraid to whipe them on his nancy white pants (navy). last of all, a United States Marine is someone who didn't just want to "settle" for having a job, but to live a life of honor, and not of privlage. we are the worlds elite, and its about time that all of you out there learn where your place is, and take a seat.
its not that we need the marines; we have an army, and navy and an airforce. there is only one reason why we are still here, and thats that the American people WANT us. we make sure all the evil is gone so that they can all sleep at night.
by lcpl m October 06, 2007
a group of violent killers that work for the US federal government.
Call in the Marines!!!!
by J. Michael Reiter April 06, 2005
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