An expression of negative emotion towards an object or situation. Derived from the word night-mares, meaning mares of the night.
Oh mares, i have shit my shorts.
by Maccy Moosle July 16, 2005
Top Definition
a female horse.
john loves to have sex with mares
by Anonymous November 08, 2003
a euphemism for female genetalia
"I rode her mare so hard last night."
"he rode my mare into the sunset"
by shoelaces April 21, 2015
A cougar like woman. but the difference is the
*A mare is extremely Gentle, tender and super romantic with her mate (to a point of overdoing it).

* A Mare seeks a companion or mate she can both make love to and at the same time mother.

To note most "mare"s are usually Lonely housewives, Mothers (with empty nest syndrome) looking for something to nuzzle
Mike myers voice: note the mother like Aura, the mare gives off.
by The amazinggeek February 25, 2015
An over-confident douche. Plays off of the past and uses fictional situations to scare others into submission. Most threats involve the shaving of one's head using teeth or pouring acid onto a person as punishment. Don't expect a Mares to pronounce anything correctly.
Le Chateliers (pronounced chardonnay by Mares') formula blah blah blah.
by Phillolz June 22, 2011
Slang for marebeshaw.
"that Mare really loves her Drewbeanpoochachskoo."
by beanlover April 17, 2008
Short for "nightmare".
Bad luck.
Unfortunate circumstances.

Usually "having a mare".
Having a bad day - "Dude, I'm having a MARE!"

Watching sports on TV - "Oh, man, Yao Ming's having a MARE!"
by theKiwi April 29, 2005

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