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a female horse.
john loves to have sex with mares
by Anonymous November 08, 2003
An expression of negative emotion towards an object or situation. Derived from the word night-mares, meaning mares of the night.
Oh mares, i have shit my shorts.
by Maccy Moosle July 16, 2005
An over-confident douche. Plays off of the past and uses fictional situations to scare others into submission. Most threats involve the shaving of one's head using teeth or pouring acid onto a person as punishment. Don't expect a Mares to pronounce anything correctly.
Le Chateliers (pronounced chardonnay by Mares') formula blah blah blah.
by Phillolz June 22, 2011
Short for "nightmare".
Bad luck.
Unfortunate circumstances.

Usually "having a mare".
Having a bad day - "Dude, I'm having a MARE!"

Watching sports on TV - "Oh, man, Yao Ming's having a MARE!"
by theKiwi April 29, 2005
To party
"Get your pare face on"

"Let's go mare"

"It's gonna be such a mare"
by lina.bina April 11, 2009
A woman who meets at least three of the following five qualities:

1. Between the ages of 35 and 60
2. Is a lesbian
3. Is heavy set
4. Works in various service industries including postal worker, bank teller, plumber, firefighter, construction worker, and/or Wal-Mart greeter
5. Has a short, manly haircut

As a bonus way to identify a Mare, many Mares often enjoy enjoy eating at Ryan's buffet, or "the trough." They can also be spotted wearing sweatpants, plaid, moo moos, and wrangler jeans.

See also: Filly
Kid: "Hey Dad, did Sparky bite that old man who brings our mail again?"
Dad: "No son, that was just a Mare. Her hide is tougher than a thousand sheets of steel."
by caro mio February 28, 2009