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A harshly given wedgie where one person grabs the back of the victim's underwear and one person grabs the front of the victim's underwear. They then proceed to yank back and forth with great force until the taint is rubbed raw.
Joe kept smarting off, so we gave him a lumberjack to shut him up.
by Tude November 28, 2006
26 27
girl with a tendency to bite down during a bj. i.e. to cut your wood.
Andy ended up in hospital yesterday after his bitch turned into a lumberjack.
by Veno-mous boy August 05, 2006
8 9
One who wears flannels & doesn't go to school, they cut down tress.
w3 !umb3rj4ck$ d0n+ g0 +0 $ch00l, w3 cu+ d0wn +r33$. Lumberjacks ~
by Lumberjack emily September 17, 2011
0 2
1.) A generally alright person (usually male) who makes his living cutting the mighty forests of where ever. Usually flannel clad and is lusted after by those who have nothing better to do than to sit around and think about how awesome other peoples' jobs are.

2.) Someone who lumbers whilst jacking. used to describe someone of low intelligence.
1.) A: Are you a lumberjack?
B: Yeah, I am.
A: *drool*

2.) man, that guy is a total lumberjack.
by cabbagehats March 20, 2011
0 2
A female who, while in the process of foreplay, will keep changing her mind, causing the male to lose wood. She will then proceed to resume foreplay, reviving the wood, until again changing her mind again. This process continues until there is no wood left
Guy 1: "Did you get with that chick last night?"
Lumberjack victim: "Nah mate, she just lumbjacked all night"
Guy 1: "That is sad, I feel very sorry for you and I think she is a dirty lumberjack"
by Anf August 02, 2009
3 5
To lumberjack someone requires the efforts of two people. One, the jacker, hides in a tree while a second person lures the individual being lumberjacked under the tree and once in position the jacker leaps out of the tree onto the poor unsuspecting soul.
Brock has been pissing me off would you help me lumberjack him?
by Mitch Stanley & Brock Walker November 08, 2008
6 8
The sexual act, coined by Michael Edward Hickey and Joseph Michael Young, when a woman is on all fours betwix two males, one entering her vagina (or anus), the other through her mouth. The two men then lock wrists, and pull back and forth like old-time lumberjacks using a two-man saw. Often called an LBJ for short, popular in southern Illinois colleges.
Hey Michael, that chick looks like she'd be down for a LBJ, Shotgun anus!
Yes Joe, She's ripe for a lumberjack!
by Samuel Gompers September 15, 2006
18 20