when a girl bites your dick when she gives you head...shes chopping your wood
sally bit my dick...shes a lumberjack
by johnny hopkins December 16, 2008
The act of being partially mentally and physically messed up, while still having friends and being likable.
'That kid is weird, how does he have friends'
'He's a lumberjack'
'Oh that explains it'
by Noet123 March 21, 2014
Someone (a girl) who is so utterly unattractive that she cuts your wood, meaning she makes your penis un-erect from her disgusting physical appearance like a lumberjack cutting up wood.
Dude so I was at this bar the other day, getting a boner from staring at this girl's ass, until she turned around! She was so ugly, made by boner go away - she was a lumberjack cutting my wood away!
by Spying_Fuzzball November 17, 2011
While a woman is tounging/licking your balls, you lift your cock up. While she continues to suck your balls, shout ''TIMBER!!!'' as you simultaneously let go of your cock and hit her in the face and forehead with your cock. Asians will have a harder time accomplishing this, and may have to shout ''TWIG!!'' or ''STUMP!!!'' instead.
Last night I gave Lisa a Lumberjack when she was licking my balls. She STILL has a red mark on her forehead from my cock!!
by Burt Hymen & the Fallopian Two September 28, 2011
A girl or situation that will quickly reduce an erection to its normal state.
Susan is a total lumberjack.

I was ready to go when my mom walked in. I got lumberjacked.
by theGinganinja41 March 08, 2010
Someone who handles wood all day(penis). a.k.a someone who is gay
Wow, danny is such a lumberjack.

Hey mom, i think daddy is a lumberjack.
by Jay E October 20, 2006
A female name for one who causes a male boner to die or "boner kill" in which the woman is theoretically cutting down wood.
"Nothing but a few lumberjacks at the bar, my penis was more limp than a wet noodle"
by The dozer with a 'tude October 29, 2011

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