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A guy with a great beard, kind of like a sexier version of Zach Galifianakis. You most often see some one like a Lumberjack wearing flannel or a bulky outdoorsy jacket. He probably loves camping and is always very warm when you're snuggled up or sitting near him. He has a great laugh and keeps up his beard to perfection. A lumber jack often wont let on his great laid back personality until he knows someone on another level. Lumberjack's are some of the few guys that look amazing with a beard, and who can easily rock flannel. A lumberjack is definitely an overall great guy....with a beard.
"Wow he's really rocking that beard, what a hot lumberjack"
by Lumberjill21 January 21, 2012
When a male is recieving oral sex, and immediately prior to ejaculation, he pulls his member out of her mouth and procedes to make a downwards chopping motion with it on her forehead. As he ejaculates it will give the illusion that small woodchips are flying out from the 'ax'
Bill: Hey brosef, how was your night with Tracy?
Bob: Epic, I put on my flannel shirt and pulled the lumberjack.
Bill: Nice work.
by b2darian334 February 01, 2009
Any person who is "cock blocking" or "cutting down your wood" while you are macking it.
Bill just cut in on that dance, what a fucking lumberjack!
by StillChasing1 April 24, 2008
A fashionably disabled(genderly-confused)tree cutting person.
see monty python
by Jo Rabbi November 22, 2003
simultaneously puking and deficating.
I feel like I'm going to lumber jack.

I don't think I should have taken that last shot. I spent the whole night lumberjackin'.
by Jason Andrew July 27, 2006
A threesome involving two guys and one girl in a fingercuff position. The two guys must move in sync in such as way as to resemble two lumberjacks sawing down a tree with a bow saw.
Bobby and I lumberjacked that swamp donkey from the bar last night.
by GSS November 16, 2004
When the proud proprietor of a large boner pulls his cock to the side only to let it go a moment later so that it swings back assaulting the victim's face. The lumberjack can also be done by pushing the boner downward so that it swings up and hit's the victim's chin, this is also known as an "upper-chuck."
"That bitch didn't know how to give head, so I lumberjacked her face with my cock."

"I lumberjacked her when she wasn't looking."
by Rufus June 27, 2003