Term from the adult film industry used for those male actors capable of maintaining longterm erection.
Whoa! Ron Jeremy is such a Lumberjack. That chick's gonna be walking bow-legged until next semester.
by 1troglodite April 06, 2009
Lumber Jacking is when you eat something (no matter the size) in a single bite.
I bet you twenty dollars you can't lumber jack that steak!
by Alex Otto October 31, 2007
A gay man who behaves straight, as in Monty Python's famous sketch, "The Lumberjack Song."
"Don't let his flannel shirts and stubble fool you. He's a total lumberjack."

"No! I thought he was straight!"
by FreeLuv November 15, 2004
Verb.. When feces is used as a lubricant for a hand job.
She got feces all over my bed last night when she gave me a lumberjack.
by thewoodone September 22, 2014
The act of using fellatio to rouse a partner from sleeping.
I was sleeping and my girlfriend wanted me to wake up, so she gave me a lumberjack.
by TheRuralJuror May 12, 2014
When you are in the process of tea bagging someone, you pause for a moment with the balls resting on the face. You then hold the penis (still soft works best) up in the air and yell "Timber!" Then proceed to let shaft fall onto the persons face, preferably with a distinct smacking sound. For additional amusement, perform this while executing the ballnoculars, or the Gonzo.
My girlfriend was already angry with me last night, so I figured I may as well tea bag her with a couple of lumberjacks thrown in for good measure.
by helpy helperton February 16, 2012
A woman that takes a lot of wood
You like that chick? Don't waste your time dude, I hear she's a lumberjack.
by Lumber Jim August 24, 2011

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