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Act of blowing air into a woman's vagina until her belly swells and then yanking on her pussy lips in a futile effort to make the squealing sound made by a balloon under similar conditions. It never works.
Biff: Chaz is an asshole! He told me if I gave my girl a Balloon Job she'd love it. But she just farted at me and left!
by 1troglodite April 06, 2009
Frequently seen in Adult Films, this is the streamer-like semen hanging from a promising Starlet's face. The end result of The Money Shot.
WooHoo! Look at Peter North hang The Chin Tinsel on that bitch! (see movie:Stiff Competition. Or any of his others for that matter.)
by 1troglodite April 06, 2009
A so-called 1/2bath that contains nothing more than a toilet and a sink so close together that they could be used at the same time and a single bulb light so you can tell which is which. As if it matters.
Hey, Garcon!
I gotta lay some cable.
You got a poo closet in this fuckatorium?
by 1troglodite April 06, 2009
Stuffing a handful of Cinnamon Red Hots candies in your girlfriend's snatch prior to an extended car ride mistakenly thinking it will induce sexual urges. It never works.

Sometimes referred to as The MotorCity Hot Seat as it was reportedly the ill-concieved notion of a jackass from Detroit.
Biff: Before our trip to Houghton Lake I gave my girl The Hot Seat. 30 minutes later she was washing her cooch in a truckstop sink. Damn. That thing looked like Oopsy The Clown sticking his tongue out!
by 1troglodite April 06, 2009
Term from the adult film industry used for those male actors capable of maintaining longterm erection.
Whoa! Ron Jeremy is such a Lumberjack. That chick's gonna be walking bow-legged until next semester.
by 1troglodite April 06, 2009
When a woman sports a beard made of nut juice.

See: Chin Tinsel
Hey! Don't try to kiss me with that Scrotee. Go clean up first.

And use mouthwash.
by 1troglodite April 06, 2009

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