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Drowning The Old Hag is a game hybrid of a sexual move and parkour. 17 people (either 11 males & 6 females, or 3 males and 14 females) enter a room completely naked. The room's floor, walls, and ceiling are all spring loaded and are constantly flying armchairs and sofas at high velocity all about the room. The 17 people form a cirle by performing oral sex on one another and their left foot must always be resting on a piece of furniture. The last person to climax is the winner, who then chooses 8 people to stay and help kidnapp the next 9 people to play.
"NEVER play Drowning The Old Hag, Satan is the DM."
by Getsuyobi February 29, 2008
The Lumberjack is a sexual move in which a female administers a blowjob to a male who has allowed his pubic hairs to grow into an impressive bush. The female deepthroats the penis in such a way so that it looks like the male's pubic hairs are a large beard on the womans face.
"Dude, Nicole may look like a super babe, but she's the burliest, manliest hottie when she's giving The Lumberjack."
by Getsuyobi February 29, 2008
an obscure sexual move that has no accurate definition or description of what happens, although in certain cases, extreme "plowing" was used.
Van: Guess what d00d?

Zant: wazzat?

Van: Me and Brittny did an Australian Bobhopper last week.

Zant: Cool. How was it?

Van: .....i dont know.

Zant: You have no idea what it, do you?

Van: yup.
by Getsuyobi February 29, 2008
A sexual move in which the male has intercourse with a sandwich containing some sort of fish (tuna, salmon, bass, etc.) After which, the male has intercourse with the female, the food particles getting stuck in her vaginal area. The final stage of Zombie Icthyoid is when the female urinates and finds maggots living in her vagina.
All we had was a tuna sandwich, so all we could do was Zombie Icthyoid.
by Getsuyobi February 29, 2008

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