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Racial slur for hispanics. Used primarily to describe migrant workers congregating in front of hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowe's. So called because many are hired for manual labor, such as digging holes.
Chill, let's go to to Home Depot and hire some digaholes.
by Project Hellraiser August 11, 2011
To put ones foot in their mouth. To talk Junk about something or someone to the point of no return. Recently made popular by Jay-Z on his latest album Kingdom Come.
I'm just waitin 'till you dig a hole big enough to put your whole body in
then i'm gon' body them

Little does she know she's diggin a hole the more she keeps talking.
by Draya December 19, 2006
An expression used in certain games that can cause quite a bit of confusion
Brandy: What are some things you shouldn't do with your tongue?
Shaun: Dig a hole
by S. Havlin January 08, 2010
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