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The wonderful, deliciously sexy facial hair only real, wonderful, deliciously sexy men get when they haven't shaved in a few days. Many women find it incredibly preferable.
Girl: Have you seen the new guy? He's so hot.
Boy: I don't get what the big deal is.
Girl: It's his stubble. Maybe girls would like you if you were man enough to have some.
by shortpeopleego August 20, 2010
170 52
Tiny hairs that grow back in the genital region after shaving.
Yo woman look at that stubble
by Cock April 09, 2005
103 110
Evil, furry fluff ball of doom. See also chinchilla.
That little f**ker stubble bit my finger again!
by ethiaa October 14, 2003
37 107
the british word for period
Add a stubble to that sentence.
by Oxford Girl December 04, 2007
18 103