Lipstick means oral sex, which is stimulating, for example, a guy's penis, with your mouth.
Did you give him lipstick?
#head #blowjob #oral sex #lipstick #oral
by Carmina September 06, 2006
Top Definition
Red, engorged dog's penis
The dog was humping Tim's leg and rubbing his lipstick all over it.
by Hotwiredbutterfly November 09, 2004
It is used as slang for a hot lesbian. The plural form being "lipsticks".
"Look at those two gorgeous lesbians dancing... they sure are lipsticks and not dykes."
by Ellesabelle March 08, 2005
On large car rims it is the portion of the inside of the wheel that is painted usually to match the cars paint job.
T: yo.. check out that green 64'

V: ahhh tight, its even gots da lip stick on the rims!!
#lipstick #tires #wheels #dubs #dubz #rims #donk #whip #pimp #car #truck #ride
by T.J. Dubz May 28, 2008
a lesbian that's very feminine, the exact opposite of a butch.
Liv Tyler is the butch and Drew Barrymore is the lipstick in the relationship.
#lesbian #feminine #butch #femme #lipstick
by Randz January 05, 2008
a.) a cosmetic applied to the lips of a female; usually. Its use was developed in ancient times by prostitutes as form of advertisement, by painting their lips to match the same color as the inner folds of their vagina, so the male customer would get a glimpse of what he was getting. Lipstick was, then, various shades of red and pink. I doubt, if the colors were available, that any prostitute then would have painted their lips brown, black or green, which may have led the customer to believe that she may have a disease.
b.) Also refers to the male cock, whereas the cock being the stick that is placed between the lips; thus a lip-stick. Derived from the possible coating of the lips with sperm during oral sex as the male cock was brushed across the lips. This more than likely led to the development of the lip stick container; shaped much like the male cock, which the female brushes across her lips to apply it.
c.) Sexual slang for oral sex, as in “sticking”(the cock being used as the stick)fucking the lips; also know as “face fucking”, and “head banging”.
Her lipstick is moisture proof, but her cunt is dripping wet.

Just get on your knees baby and I will lipstick you with this hard cock.

Accidentally, I walked in on Sam and Sue and he was lipsticking her as hard as he could and she was begging for more.
#face paint #lip coating #lip fucking #dick sticking #mouth fuck
by Renown February 25, 2008
the pink tip that exposes itself from a male dog's penile cover when said animal is sexually aroused.
The dog's lipstick is always protruding.. he must really like you. Prepare to be humped!
#dog #penis #sex #sexual arousal #lipstick #lips #lip gloss #pink #humping.
by the kid under the cupboard January 10, 2009
female version of batwings. When the labia sticks to the side of a womans leg.
She has a sloppy vagina and must have lipstick all the time.
#vagina #lips #batwings #labia #sloppy pussy
by Ryan 1982 February 28, 2007
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