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A phenomena whereby a male animal, for instance a dog, starts to get an erection and the reddy/pinky tip of the penis exposes itself, thus resembling lipstick. Not limited to the canine species, it has also been noticed in various species of African antelope and pachyderm.
"Hey Greggy, look at that male Kudu over there, it seems to be getting aroused". "Heck yes Jim, it's totally lipsticking".
by i_am_scum August 24, 2010
Verb: The female version of tea-bagging.
Being bored at work one day, Bobbi decided to have a little fun with her coworkers by placing their coffee mugs against her naked labia, or lipsticking it to the man.
by queefmaestro December 06, 2012
Prairie dogging involves the poop popping in and out of the anus. Lip sticking involves several inches of the poop being permanently extended and leaving "lipstick marks" on the underwear or skirt.
Art: "So I was dancing at Club X with Jen when she started lip sticking right on my leg."

Ben: "Grossss! What did you do?"

Art: "I tried to push it back in but it would not budge. I had to wash my khakis this morning."
by jerichosalvant October 16, 2009
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