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A Jazzmine is very beautiful,sexy and simply gorgeous. Has very good style and a very nice booty. Lovely person and has a very delicious, perfect body.. very beat-able.
Guy one: Damn Jazzmine so sexy.

Guy two: Mmm Jazzmine got tha perfect body.

Guy one: When she older she gun be mine.

Guy two: She got a juicy booty.

Guy one: yummy.
#perfect #booty #beautiful #sexy #delicious.
by TheGuyWhoY'allWant. July 10, 2011
simple as this JAZZ! is HOT-ish (more like ugly :) ) likes both genders and very nice usally into eating lots and like fat guys and last a hobo
hey jazzmine look theres ur boy freimd daym! hes mice and fat like cody
#ugly #hot #fat #nice #hobo
by king kong jhon December 28, 2010
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