When a male dog becomes aroused and "unsheaths it's sword" resembling an extending lipstick.
"Dude, that dogs is humping your leg."
"What do I do?"
"Oh... here comes the lip stick!"
by Eh David February 01, 2005
a fake boyfriend of a lesbian used in order to seem heterosexual. The lesbian form of a "beard"
I am sure she is a lesbian, Jake is totally her lipstick so no one will know.
by Frances Jackson May 15, 2011
When a guy unknowingly goes down on a girl with her period, and he comes up with blood veering his lips.
"Ew, dude you got lipstick on your face!"
by mrballsiepants December 04, 2011
The act of penetrating a girl analy till she bleeds which is followed by wiping the blood off your penis and onto the girls lips.
Damn she's sexy...I would totally lipstick that bitch.
by Legend-daddy February 23, 2013
betta then lip gloss 4 the expirenced only =D
i need to find my damn lipstick
by urmomrocksmysocksoff February 04, 2008
Something old women put on to remind them that they once had lips. The only young people that wear it are prostitutes (to help them show up on dark corners), boys who desperately wish to be girls (self explanatory), & strippers (to reflect the strobe lights from their awful teeth).
I saw Elton with bright red lipstick on, he wants to be a girl, but instead he just comes off as easy.
by prettyboybobby August 29, 2011
A sex move where a man has sex with a woman on her period and then has the woman suck on his period-covered penis causing a "lipstick" effect.
John gave Stacy lipstick.
by Sulleyvan March 16, 2008

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