Lipstick means oral sex, which is stimulating, for example, a guy's penis, with your mouth.
Did you give him lipstick?
by Carmina September 06, 2006
A male penis, in reference to a blowjob. Penis being the stick, lip being where you you put the stick.
When wanting a blow job from my girlfriend, I ask. You wanna play with my LipStick
by The Zeppelin January 15, 2005
An uncircumcized penis who's foreskin is pulled back to reveal the head. Like twisting a lipstick tube.
When the bitches say, "oh god girl, my man has to be circumcized, i'm not into no dog or lipstick penis."
by Ridizog June 01, 2004
stuff on or around your mouth (i.e. food, crap, toothpaste, etc.)
Hey Fred what is with your lipstick
(translation: Fred you got shit on your face)
by J. April 02, 2003

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