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The lips of the vagina. Frequently these are what create the famous camel toe when they press into a woman's underwear or bikini
At the beach I met a young lady who had the most beautiful labia I have ever seen.
by urban pervert June 17, 2003
The folds of skin that wrap wrap and protect the love tunnel of the womans loins. Fleshy guardians of the dungeon of love.
In order to enter the Vagina one must part the Labia.
by Domora November 09, 2006
Windbrake for the clitoris. The bigger they are the less whistling the vagina makes whilst running. i want some
by juggernaut sex monster October 02, 2003
the lips around the vagina which decide if the mans cock comes in or not
Cock: can i come in? im really hard and i want you really bad..
Labia:why should i? do i owe you anything?
but i will think about it cuz part of that is me having fun too...
Cock: ok but hurry....
Labia: oh dont you rush me..!!
by yara October 24, 2007
The stretchy skin around a vagina.
"I licked around the smooth surface of her labia."
by Jenell Bordan January 27, 2003
1- The skin around the vagina.

2- What was sewn together by nature in male embryos to produce the ball-sack.

3- (figurative) Balls.
"I wish she had the LABIA to disagree with her friends."
by Vaginal January 22, 2007
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