A text-mode browser for Unix/Linux and Windows.
Links just delivers text without the fancy pictures.
by Intelligence: The Anti-N00b November 04, 2004
1. Something that connects two things together.
2. Part of a chain.
3. The main dude from the Legend Of Zelda games who looks suspiciously like an elf.
4. The annoying hippie from Hairspray played by Zac Efron.
5. Something you click on (usually on a computer) to get to another page.
1. The link from the past to the future is the present.
2. My chain link bracelet broke Tuesday.
3. Link has pointy ears and a long green cap. I swear he works for Santa Claus!
4. I'm sick of 4-year-olds calling Link from Haispray "Troy"!
5. I clicked on the link, which took forever to load.
by BananaMilkshake December 29, 2008
(Verb) To contact, connect with, etc. (usually in the future) via phone, text, or email but it can also be used to describe meetin up with someone in person.
"Yo imma links you after class."
"We gonna links with Ty and Jay on 149th and Lennox."
by kk.michelle November 21, 2012
He was the hero of time in Hyrule
In the Legend of Zelda Wind Waker game, Link is hot for both Zelda, the princess, and Medli, who has a duck bill but is still hotter than Zelda ;)
Link, Zelda, and Medli could have a kick ass three way!
by Flippydaslasher November 04, 2007
The hero of time also the hero of winds.to beat up ganondorf many many times.also to destroy every thing in site
by J-O-S-H May 14, 2003
The most amazing guy in the legend of zelda series. A very brave and inspirational character in which one can develop feelings for. A guy with beautiful eyes, and an amazing smile. A strong, powerful, and courageous man who will do anything to stop the forces of evil. A guy whom you might fall for.
Girls: Link we love you!
by zeldamariox February 27, 2012
The biggest fucking badass in all of history. When the giant pig Ganon steals princess Zelda link kicks him in the ass. If anyone opposes Link, by morning they will find the master sword in your chest. The best orcarina player in the world.
Link one-shotted Ganon in the face and rescued Hyrule.
by Primezyy May 26, 2014
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