A relationship which is not serious, a friend of whom you may have casual sexual encounters, but not a f**k buddy.
(I've been linking with Smith)
(Have you and Johnny got a link?)
by Kimik0123 July 05, 2010
To meet up with someone ie.of the opposite sex
"Yeh blud I'm gon ta link some chick down brixton ends innit."
by D@wudbtellin June 09, 2005
that dude in the matrix
that dude in that zelda game
some thing you click on to get transfered somewhere
link save the town asshole!
link find that computer chip before you get smacked
link that dude to www.feetman.con
by John Fru November 23, 2003
A God among men
man 1:Have you Seen that man Link?

Man 2:yeah hes scary as fuck Almost as if hes a god among men
by DatSexyAssassin February 08, 2013
A link is a word, image or other thing that you can click on and it will bring you to another website or page. Many websites use links, and most mark them as links with a different color or underline. This makes traveling through the internet a smooth and easy process.
by zoeypony98 February 23, 2012
A little boy elf that got kicked in the balls by Zelda, thus losing his language and only able to scream.
Link says:HYAHHHH!!!!!!
Link says:HAAAA!!!!!
by Drawmon July 06, 2009
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